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Charity Registered in Scotland, No: SC020435 


Now open 9am-12:10pm, Monday to Friday during term-time

Excellent pre-school provision for 2-5 year olds

The Eco Schools Programme is made up of Seven Elements:

  • - Eco Committee
  • - Environmental Review
  • - Action Plan
  • - Monitoring and Evaluation
  • - Linking to the Curriculum for Excellence
  • - Involving the whole school and wider Community
  • - Eco Code

Eco Code

Our Eco code is changed each year and the targets and wording chosen by the children.  In the past we have reflected the Eco codes content through song, by producing a rap and by painting images for our Eco Notice Board which displays the Code.  The Nursery also awards one child each week with the title of 'Eco warrior' and it is their responsibility to decide on a way they can help support The Eco Code on that week.

Eco Committee

Our Eco Committee is made up of all children attending Temple Nursery and Playgroup, their parents and the Staff. Meetings are held once a term to update everyone of events and environmental topics explored in the nursery.  Meetings also allow parents to suggest events or share skills relating to our Eco Topics.


Turn off the water

Turn off the lights

Our Eco Warrior will keep us right

One paper towel please

Turn off the tap

And that is the end of our Eco Rap!


Environmental Review

The Environmental Review allows us to consider ways that the Nursery can improve how our establishment impacts on our surrounding environment. This is kept in our Eco Folder which is next to the children’s learning folders within the Nursery. Committee members are welcome to look at the folder at any time.


Action Plan

Each year the nursery completes an Action Plan combining children’s interests and suggestions from the Eco Committee. This year our topics are:

  • - Litter
  • - Energy
  • - Food & the Environment

Monitoring and Evaluation

We have many photographs demonstrating our evaluation of topics and use these in displays and as part of our floor book with children’s own words.  We have asked parents and children to record where the food they purchase has been produced and results are displayed using pie charts on our Eco Notice board. Each year we run an Eco Week at nursery and celebrate our eco achievements involving the whole Nursery and the local community.  The children’s learning stories and staff observations record progress regarding our eco topics.

Linking to the Curriculum for Excellence

We involve the children in a variety of Eco Topics and encourage them to look after their own environment while developing an understanding of how their actions can affect the wider community. This encourages them to become Successful Learners, Confident Individuals, Responsible Citizens and Effective Contributors.

Involving the whole school and wider community

Each year we take part in the One Planet Picnic and celebrate locally grown produce by having a picnic in the woods.  We have been lucky to become involved in a ‘small mammals monitoring project’ where children set humane traps and then record their findings by taking photographs.  This year a High School student completed one week's work experience with the nursery and produced a small exhibition with the children based on the book ‘A Forest’ by  Marc Martin which highlights the concerns of deforestation.  During our Eco Week the children expressed their feelings regarding litter by having a protest march through the village; many residents came out to support the cause.  The Nursery regularly runs six week blocks of Forest Schools where the children spend one day a week in the nearby woods climbing trees, finding bugs and building dens whilst always being on the lookout for litter.